Monday the 22nd, August 2011

Nearly seven years have passed and much has changed since the inception of Cypher13.

Now we are two, Todd Berger and Lucian Föhr. Together, we have grown considerably - in principle, in thought, and in capacity - but not in number.

We have grown in practice.

We have chosen to pursue quality in all things - over quantity. This has come to define our craft and those with whom we wish to partner and to serve. We have chosen objectivity over subjectivity, accountability over bureaucracy, and personal responsibility over ambiguity.

And so, we have decided to close Cypher13 and to open a new design studio. We will usher in a new era of socially significant, lasting, far-reaching work.

We will strive to do better.

Goodbye Cypher13.

Welcome Berger & Föhr.

Todd Berger
Lucian Föhr

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    Hi! Local Identity

    HI! Local is the first and only hand-filtered directory of locally owned, independent businesses you care about. Boulder, Colorado based, founded by Dan Storch, and brought to you in collaboration with Quick Left, Hi! Local is your locals only search engine. We aimed to imbue the HI! Local identity with some local spirit. With such a great name to work with it wasn't difficult.

    March 9, 2009

    Identity, Hi Local